About Aker

Vision and values

Promoting a performance culture


Aker ASA’s vision and core values are designed to cultivate and refine a corporate culture in which people deliver excellent results in a responsible manner.
Until the spring of 2009, Aker ASA was the corporate spearhead of an industrial conglomerate. Since then, Aker’s role as an equity investor has been further honed. Today’s Aker is an industrial investment company exercising proactive ownership. Our purpose remains unchanged: to build added value for shareholders, companies, and society at large.

Aker’s vision and core values statement, adopted in January 2011, clearly portrays the direction and special characteristics of our industrial investment company. We are inheritors of Aker’s industrial traditions and proud history, which date back to the company’s establishment in 1841. Our performance bolsters the organization’s reputation and promotes its goals.

Our vision is proud ownership . These two words commit us and succinctly define What Aker strive for and what inspires employees, fellow shareholders, working partners, and others.
Our employees will experience that we contribute to industrial development and take corporate social responsibility seriously. As an active owner, Aker further develops well-run companies that offer products and services in an environmentally friendly, ethical, and socially responsible manner. Aker wants to be recognized as a skilled corporate owner that is held in esteem by the employees of companies in which Aker is a significant shareholder.

Aker’s goal is to strenghten businesses. As a leading owner, Aker will build added value in its companies. In this way, a foundation is created for long-term, solid returns. This goal is the same for Aker’s shareholders and for fellow shareholders in companies in which Aker is a major owner.
Aker has a long-standing tradition of working with the very best — customers, suppliers, partners, or advisors. Together, we make each other better. In short, Aker strives to be an open and responsive builder of society.

Aker’s vision and corporate values show that the organization aims high and has a broad reach. Naturally, we recognize that we have a distance to go in some areas until we reach our goals, and we have more to strive for. Aker’s core values will help show the way.

Aker’s four core values are that we are results-oriented, opportunity-oriented, knowledge-oriented, and cooperation-oriented. These values are used to support and guide day-to-day priorities and decision-making.