Corporate responsibility

The foundation Stiftelsen VI addresses a societal issue

The foundation Stiftelsen VI was established in the autumn of 2018 and works for persons with impairments being given the same opportunities to perform well as non-disabled persons. Persons with impairments are an important resource. However, it is a fact that many persons suffering from disability suffer from reduced life quality,  poorer health and higher levels of isolation than non-disabled persons.

Persons with impairments are also given fewer opportunities to engage in physical activity or other interests.

In Norway, there are 605 000 individuals that have an impairment – one in nine persons. Both the living conditions survey published by Statistics Norway and other studies show that there is a  large gap in the opportunities afforded non-disabled persons and persons living with disability. The foundation Stiftelsen  VI faces up to and seeks to address this  important societal issue. All measures  and initiatives aim to develop knowledge  and competencies with a view to  benefiting everyone.

Kjell Inge Røkke’s private company TRG finances the foundation’s basic capital of NOK 25 million, and also covers all costs associated with the foundation’s  administration and operations. Aker and nine Aker-owned companies contribute a further NOK 10 million each to financing measures and activities for persons with impairments over a five-year period, bringing total donations up to NOK 100 million. The first VI companies are Aker, Aker BioMarine, Aker BP, Aker Energy, Aker Solutions, Akastor, Cognite, FP Eiendom, Kvaerner and Ocean Yield. New external partners are joining the VI project. As at the end of 2018, the programme partners included the law firm Bahr and the consultancy firm McKinsey. Work is ongoing to recruit more VI companies. The foundation’s first project is being carried out in collaboration with the Norwegian Olympic Sports Centre and Confederation of Sports.

Together with Norway’s Skiforbund (the Norwegian Ski Federation) and the Ministry of Culture, the foundation Stiftelsen VI has laid the basis for the first winter world championship for Paralympic skiing sports at Lillehammer in February 2021. The championship has been awarded by the international organisation for Paralympic sports IPC.