Industrial Holdings

Aker’s industrial holdings totalled NOK 44.6 billion at the end of 2017. This equates to 88 per cent of the total net asset value of Aker ASA and holding companies.

The industrial holdings portfolio comprises the investments in Aker BP, Aker Solutions, Akastor, Kvaerner, Ocean Yield and Aker BioMa- rine. Aker has a long-term investment horizon for these companies.

Aker is actively involved in the development of its six industrial portfolio companies, cooperating closely with each company’s board and management. Every investment is monitored by Aker’s management with the support of a dedicated investment team. Aker also has representatives on the various company boards.

Akers total ownership
Aker BP is an independent exploration and produc- tion company. Measured in terms of production, Aker BP is one of Europe’s leading independent listed oil companies.
Aker Solutions is a global oil service company that delivers services, technologies, products and solutions within Subsea and Field Design.
Akastor is an oil service investment company with a portfolio of companies. It has a exible mandate to engage in active ownership and long-term value creation.
Kvaerner is a specialist provider of engineering, procurement and fabrication services for the o shore oil and gas industry.
Ocean Yield charters ships on long-term con- tracts, a strategy which o ers predictability with respect to future earnings and dividend capacity.
Aker BioMarine is an integrated biotechnology company that develops, markets and sells krill- based ingredients for both the consumer and animal-feed markets.