Specialised funds

Aker invests in specialized funds managed by competent and opportunistic management companies. Of Aker’s NOK 22.7 billion total assets, NOK 1.4 billion are invested in fund shares.

Aker’s funds investments comprises shares in funds managed by Norron Asset Management.

The Norron funds 
The funds Norron Target (Nordic multi-strategy fund), Norron Select (Nordic hedge fund), Norron Preserve (Nordic interest and bond funds), and Norron Active (actively managed share fund) were established in 2011. Aker has invested a total of SEK 300 million in Norron Target and Norron Select.

Since start-up in February 2011 through year-end 2011, Norron Target’s yield was minus 0.25 percent, and Norron Select’s was minus 3.31 percent. The two funds outperformed reference indexes in a demanding stock market with falling prices worldwide on stock exchanges. Working with partners in the Swedish market, Norron Asset Management has established a well-developed distribution network.

At year-end 2011, after nearly 11 months of operation, the Norron funds managed assets totaling SEK 1.35 billion, and Aker was responsible for 22 percent of the fund’s capital.

Aker owns 48 percent of Norron Asset Management, which is located in Stockholm; partners of the management company own 52 percent.

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