Investor relations policy

Aker ASA is committed to providing comprehensive, accurate and consistent information about the company to the financial markets in a timely manner, to ensure that the share price reflects the underlying values, and future prospects and risks.

The company engages in an open and continuous dialogue with the financial market to create a good basis for the correct pricing of the shares. The dialogue with the market is primarily conducted through annual reports, quarterly reports, meetings with investors and analysts, capital market days organised by Aker, participation in relevant industry conferences, and use of the company's website.

Members of the Executive Management participate actively in the dialogue with the market, while daily communication is handled by the investor relations department. Information of significance to investors and other stakeholders is communicated through the Oslo Stock Exchange - - and the company's website - .

In order to ensure fairness and prevent the unauthorised disclosure of financial information, Aker observes a 14-day silent period prior to the announcement of its financial results. During this period, representatives of the company refrain from commenting on the future outlook of the company or financial performance for the current or non-disclosed period, and, in principle, from participating in IR events and meetings.

Aker complies with the Oslo Stock Exchange’s Code of Practice for Reporting IR Information.

Aker ASA investor contact:

Per Kristian Reppe, Investor Relations director
Phone: +47 24 13 00 67
Cell: +47 900 33 203