Aker Barents to shore

20.01 2010 08:00

The Aker Barents drilling rig is in the week ending January 24 expected to arrive at the yard in Ølen on the west coast of Norway,. The rig will remain at Ølen for four to six weeks for repair work and equipment installation.

Just after Christmas last year, Aker Barents removed six hydraulic cylinders that are used during normal drilling operations. The cylinders were sent to the supplier in the Nehterlands for necessary repair work, while Aker Barents returned to the field and the first phase of drilling well 25/1-11 Storklakken (License 460).

The drilling of this well has now been temporarily suspended. Drilling will recommence as soon as the cylinders are in place. At the same time as the cylinders are reinstalled, Aker Drilling is taking the opportunity to conduct other small repair work and adjustments to equipment on board.

Aker Drilling will not receive income on Aker Barents during the period the rig is at Ølen.