Aker renews international agreement

Aker renews international agreement

16.11 2010 08:00

Aker has renewed a three-party international framework agreement with Fellesforbundet (the Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions) and the International Metalworkers’ Federation. The agreement unites and commits the parties in the interplay between companies, employees and communities.

The international framework agreement, which i.a. includes working conditions and human rights, was entered into in October 2008. In November 2010 the agreement was continued without changes for two years.
At the signing of the agreement in Oslo, the parties (picture below, from the left) – Group Union Representative for Aker Mr. Atle Tranøy, President of the Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions Mr. Arve Bakke, IMF General Secretary Mr. Jyrki Raina, president and CEO in Aker Mr. Øyvind Eriksen and HR manager Mrs. Sissel Lindland in Aker Solutions, expressed their satisfaction with the agreement.

- The agreement is rooted in our values and the company’s history. Aker has a long tradition of including and involving employees and their unions. This improves the grounds for decision-making when we make decisions which have consequences for many different parties, says president and CEO Øyvind Eriksen.
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The President of the Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions, Mr. Arve Bakke, says that entering into international framework agreements is the best way of ensuring the basic rights of employees.
- The most important aspect of this agreement is that it puts focus on the co-operation between the parties, he says.
The agreement was negotiated following an initiative from the group union representative in Aker, Mr. Atle Tranøy. The company’s negotiation team consisted of HR personnel in Aker and Aker Solutions.
- The agreement strengthens the basis for co-operation in Norway, and our ambition is to share our experience and tradition with other countries, says Mr. Tranøy.
IMF General Secretary Jyrki Raina says that the renewal of the agreement is a significant event.
- It provides a sustainable basis for co-operation between companies and trade unions, says Mr. Raina.

Eleven key points

By the agreement, which consists of eleven key points, Aker confirms its commitment to “respect basic human and trade union rights in the community, acknowledging the fundamental principals (sic) of human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the OECD guidelines on Multinational Companies.
The eleven key points are as follows:
1. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
2. Discrimination
3. Forced labour
4. Child labour
5. Health & Safety
6. Living wages
7. Employment conditions
8. Working hours
9. HIV/Aids
10. Environmental issues
11. Skills training