(from left): Fellesforbundet President Arve Bakke, IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary Jyrki Raina, Aker President and CEO Øyvind Eriksen and Aker’s group employee representative, Atle Tranøy all expressed their satisfaction at the signing of the agreement.

Renewed agreement on corporate social responsibility

14.01 2013 13:59

Aker has renewed an international framework agreement with Fellesforbundet, IndustriALL Global Union, NITO and Tekna. The agreement unites and commits the parties to cooperation between Aker-owned companies, employees and society at large.

“Through this agreement, Aker’s management is continuing its tradition of positive cooperation with trade unions. I am very pleased that Aker recognises fundamental labour rights and has committed itself to ensuring that the global operations of Aker-owned companies are characterised by respect for such rights and positive working conditions,” says Aker’s group employee representative, Atle Tranøy.

The international framework agreement sets out fundamental labour rights and contains references to standards relating to environment, health and safety (EHS) work, pay, working time and employment conditions. The agreement is based on an agreement that was first signed in 2008 and continued in 2010.

At the signing of the agreement at Aker Brygge, Oslo, Aker’s group employee representative, Atle Tranøy, Fellesforbundet President Arve Bakke, Aker President and CEO Øyvind Eriksen and IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary Jyrki Raina all expressed their satisfaction with the agreement. IndustriALL represents 50 million employees in 140 countries, in the energy, manufacturing and mining industries.

Aker President and CEO Øyvind Eriksen emphasised the importance of cooperation with the trade union movement, and hopes for continued constructive cooperation with IndustriALL.

“The agreement is an important part of Aker’s corporate social responsibility work, and provides all employees with an important instrument for ensuring that the company meets its obligations in that regard,” says Tranøy.

Click here to download the agreement, which commits Aker to “respect basic human and trade union rights in the community, acknowledging the fundamental principles of human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the OECD guidelines on Multinational Companies.”

The agreement contains implementation and dispute resolution mechanisms, as well as a clear commitment by Aker to use its influence with sub-contractors to ensure that they also respect labour rights.

The companies owned by Aker have independent responsibility for implementing the agreement, and the signing event was attended by the heads of Aker Solutions, Kværner, Aker Seafoods, Aker BioMarine and Det norske oljeselskap.

During the first half of 2013, Aker will launch a revised corporate social responsibility strategy that has been developed in close consultation with employee representatives.