About Aker


Øyvind Eriksen

President & CEO

Øyvind Eriksen

Øyvind Eriksen (born 1964) joined Aker ASA in January 2009. Mr. Eriksen holds a law degree from the University of Oslo. He joined Norwegian law firm BA-HR in 1990, where he became a partner in 1996 and a director/ chairman in 2003. As a corporate attorney he among other things worked with strategic and operational development, M&A and negotiations. Mr. Eriksen has held several board positions in different industries, including shipping, finance, asset management, offshore drilling, fisheries, media, trade and industry. As CEO Mr. Eriksen is currently chairman of the board in Aker BP ASA, Aker Solutions ASA, Cognite AS, Aker Capital AS, Aker Kværner Holding AS, and REV Ocean Inc. He is also a director of several companies, including Aker Energy AS, Akastor ASA, The Resource Group TRG AS, TRG Holding AS, The Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen), and a member of World Economic Forum C4IR Global Network Advisory Board.

As at 31 December 2019, Mr. Eriksen holds 219 072 shares in Aker ASA through the company Erøy AS. He has no stock options. Through Erøy AS, Mr. Eriksen also holds 0.20 percent of the B-shares in TRG Holding AS. Mr. Eriksen is a Norwegian citizen.

Svein Oskar Stoknes

Chief Financial Officer

Svein Oskar Stoknes

Svein Oskar Stoknes (born 1970) has been CFO at Aker ASA since August 2019. Prior to this, Stoknes served as CFO at Aker Solutions, where he joined in 2007 and was named CFO in 2014. Previously, Stoknes held a range of senior positions within finance and advisory for organizations like
Tandberg, Citigroup and ABB. He graduated from the Norwegian School of Management and has an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.

Per 19 March 2020, Stoknes owns 4 425 shares in Aker ASA and has no stock options. Stoknes is a Norwegian citizen.

Kristian Røkke

Chief Investment Officer

Kristian Røkke

Kristian Røkke (born 1983) has been the Chief Investment Officer of Aker ASA since January 2018. He has extensive experience from offshore oil services, shipbuilding industry and mergers and transactions. Røkke joined Aker ASA from Akastor, an investment company listed on the stock exchange, where he was the CEO from 2015. Røkke is Chair of the board of Akastor ASA, Director of TRG Holding AS, Aker Capital AS, Aker Solutions ASA and previously a Director of Aker ASA. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

As of 19 March 2020, Kristian Røkke owns 4 054 shares in Aker ASA directly, and has an indirect ownership through a 1.75 per cent ownership interest in TRG AS. He has no stock options. Røkke holds both Norwegian and American citizenships.


Atle Kigen

Head of Corporate Communications

Atle Kigen

Atle Kigen (born 1958) joined Aker ASA in October 2006, and has been in charge of communications since March 2010. He holds a degree in business administration and marketing, and has extensive corporate communication and journalism experience. Mr. Kigen has previously worked as head of communication at Kværner ASA, and CEO of the PR agency GCI Monsen. He has been editor in chief of the Norwegian business magazine Økonomisk Rapport, business and economy editor at Aftenposten, a leading daily, and NRK Nyheter, the national broadcaster’s news bureau. Mr. Kigen has also been a journalist in Norway’s leading business daily Dagens Næringsliv.

As of 19 March 2020, Mr. Kigen holds 10 126 shares in Aker ASA, and has no stock options. Mr. Kigen is a Norwegian citizen.




Baard Snekkevik (born 1966) joined Aker ASA in 1996 and has been head of Treasury since 2004. Before this, he has worked on a number of M&A and financing projects at Aker, and has served as Partner at Aker Finans AS and as Vice President of Aker RGI Seafoods. Mr. Snekkevik has previously worked as advisor at Industri- og Skipsbanken, as well as the Norwegian Trade Council in Oslo and London. Mr. Snekkevik holds the degree MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

As of 19 March 2020, Mr. Snekkevik holds 36 032 shares in Aker ASA, and has no stock options. Mr. Snekkevik is a Norwegian citizen.



Alexander Krane

Alexander Krane (born 1976) joined Aker ASA in 2019. Before joining Aker ASA, he served as Chief Financial Officer of Aker BP from 2012 to 2019. Prior to this, Mr. Krane worked as the a Corporate Controller at Aker ASA. He also has previous experience from his work as a public accountant with KPMG, both in Norway and in the U.S. Mr. Krane holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (“siviløkonom”) from Nord University Business School and an MBA degree from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. He is also a state authorized public accountant in Norway.

As of 19 April 2020, Mr. Krane holds 5 921 shares in Aker ASA, and no stock options. Mr. Krane is a Norwegian citizen.



Torbjørn Kjus

Torbjørn Kjus (born 1970) joined Aker ASA in 2019. He came from the position as Asset Manager at Vistin Trading. Prior to this, he served as Chief Oil and Gas Analyst at DNB Markets for close to 11 years until the summer of 2018. Mr. Kjus has extensive and broad experience in analyzing energy markets, both from the industry (Norsk Hydro in Oslo and BP in London) and from the financial sector. Mr. Kjus holds a MBA degree in Accounting (State Authorized Public Accountant) from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen.

As of 19 March 2020, Mr. Kjus owns 3 271 shares in Aker ASA and has no stock options. Mr. Kjus is a Norwegian citizen.